Turkish home and kitchenware industry exported $1.7B in the first 9 months

The Home and Kitchenware Manufacturers and Exporters Association (EVSID) published a report on the export performance of the sector in the January-September period. Accordingly, Turkish household and kitchen appliances sector exported $ 1 billion 751 million in the 9-month period; 35.8 percent of this figure was small electrical appliances. 32.2 percent of the total exports realized in the sector in the nine-month period is metal kitchenware, 18.8 percent is plastic household and kitchenware, 9.6 percent is glass tableware and kitchenware and 3.7 percent is ceramic and porcelain kitchenware.

Turkish household and kitchen appliances sector exported $2.6 billion last year.  

‘’The sector is started to recover with the normalization period.’’

Burak Onder, the president of EVSID stated that the home and kitchenware industry was adversely affected by the epidemic and said:

‘’With the pandemic, we experienced contractions of up to 51 percent in March, April and May. We achieved 33 percent growth in June which is considered the beginning of the normalization period. We achieved a growth momentum of up to 13 percent in July, August and September. During this period, some of our factories had difficulties in production. The time spent in the kitchen naturally increased when people shut down their homes in the world due to the global epidemic. People tried to cook the meals they ate in restaurants at home. This situation also motivated people in terms of time management. The figures also support this. 35.8 percent of the $1 billion 751 million export we realized in the first nine months was small electrical appliances. Metal kitchenware covered the 32.2 percent of these exports, plastic home and kitchenware covered 18.8 percent, glass table and kitchenware 9.6 percent, ceramic and porcelain kitchenware 3.7 percent.’’

‘’We have increased our export value by 46 percent in the last 10 years.’’

Onder mentioned that the EVSID report is a proof that the household and kitchen appliances sector has made a lot of export projects that are high in added-value in the last 10 years and said:

‘’We know that the potential of the home and kitchenware industry in terms of price-quality and production capability is much higher. In this process, I think we express ourselves correctly in international organizations. As a result, we have achieved an increase of 46 percent in value and 44 percent in quantity within the scope of exports in the last 10 years. This situation is critical for exports with high added value. We need to sell products at higher prices to the world. “

The most exports were to EU countries

Stating that the Turkish home and kitchenware industry made the most exports to European countries with 54.8 percent last year, Onder noted that while the Middle East took a share of 23.2 percent and that exports to African countries were calculated as 14.5 percent. He said:

‘’There is a long way to go in the USA and Latin America, which are the target export markets of the sector.  The USA has a share of 2.1 percent in the exports of the sector, and Latin American countries have a share of 1.9 percent. It is in our hands to raise these numbers even higher. International fairs and events have stopped due to the pandemic. In this period, as the association, we carried out serious studies on digital marketing, virtual fairs and virtual trade delegations. We have to discover and implement foreign trade channels suitable for every period for sustainable exports. We should not forget that the supply chain system in the world is reshaping. We are advantageous as a location in the Eastern Europe-Far East axis. China is advantageous in high volume sales, but we do boutique and quality production. We must turn the points in our favour into commercial gains in the new period. “

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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