Turkish firm exports electric motor to 32 countries

Wat Motor one of the biggest manufacturers in Europe in terms of white goods engines, says company’s project leader

Turkey’s leading electric motor manufacturer, WAT Motor, on Thursday said it has been exporting engines to 32 different countries with a production capacity of 15.6 million pieces per year for white goods (household appliances) and industrial use.

“Our main export destination is EU countries. We’re one of the very rare companies in this sector that exports from Turkey to China, and to the US,” said Baris Tugrul Ertugrul, WAT engine product and projects leader.

Thanks to Turkey’s geographical proximity to the European region, he added, the country has very positive references in exports. “We get very intense demand for project and product production and the factory above its capacity in 2021, with orders up 17% in euro terms.”

Stating that the company has a production capacity of approximately 15.6 million engines, he said,”We’re one of the biggest manufacturers in Europe in terms of white goods engines.”

There are not many producers left in the European region due to the cost competition from the Far East and economies of scale, he explained.

Saying that the company directly exports 70% of its production, he said though EU countries are their main export destination, they have a very growing and promising market in the Middle East.

Wat Motor designs and produces products for washing, dishwashers, tumble dryers, and their drain pumps for white goods, offering many engine types and technologies for this.


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