Turkish firm develops AC/DC converter for weapon systems

There are supply problems for AC/DC convertors globally, says employee of technology firm Anova

Turkish technology firm Anova has developed an indigenous AC/DC converter for helicopters’ weapon systems.

There are currently supply problems for these products on a global scale,Ibrahim Altunsoy, an electronic design manager at the company, told Anadolu Agency.

Noting that 500-watt convertors are used for helicopters’ weapon systems, Altunsoy said they cannot be supplied now.

He said without a power unit that manages the helicopter’s weapon system,the platform would either fly unarmed or a new solution would have to be developed.

“We produced this product in a short time with the experience we gained,” he added.

Altunsoy also said that a 2,500-watt modular AC/DC convertor was produced for the first time in the world by the firm.

He added that the 500-watt converters are to be delivered in this year.

While the delivery time for foreign supplies of AC/DC converters takes 30-40 weeks, deliveries of domestic supplies take only 4-6 weeks, he said.

He noted that these convertors will also be used in ships, submarines and electric-powered rail vehicles.


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