Turkish entrepreneur buys international investment firm shares

Sina Afra’s investment expected to help London-based IKAR Industries become leading global company in upcoming years

Prominent Turkish entrepreneur Sina Afra acquired equity shares in London-based international investment group IKAR Industries, a statement revealed on Wednesday.

The company, founded in 2019, has a broad range of investment targets with group companies focused on technology, hospitality, real estate, security and safety, sports and entertainment, and energy sector.

With representations in Amsterdam, Berlin, Boston, Istanbul, New York, Washington,and Zurich, the company focuses on the emerging markets in the US, North America and Europe.

“After 40 tech investments, IKAR is our first investment in a successful and very promising industrial investment group,” Sina Afra said.

Mario Diel, chairman and co-founder of IKAR Industries, said Afra’s international network and success in scaling up companies will help IKAR become a leading global investment group in the upcoming years.

Howard Beasey, IKAR’s president and co-founder, called the transaction “a terrific boost”.


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