Turkish construction firm forges ahead with buildings of the future

Dorce Prefabrik’s innovative modular containers benefit immensely from solar energy thanks to their solar panels

Turkish construction firm Dorce Prefabrik designs its projects by focusing on sustainable and self-sufficient modular containers which use energy, heating, water, and waste management systems.

These containers are also known as “buildings of the future,” according to a Saturday press release by the firm, which is based in the capital Ankara.

Options using modular containers, as portable buildings, can be used in a range of different fields, from medical to defense industries.

Distinguished by their practical installation and advantageous features, the modular containers are designed with recyclable, environmentally friendly materials.

These containers also benefit immensely from solar energy thanks to their solar panels.

Benefiting from recycled steel construction systems, the modular designs provide long-term use.

Thanks to the kitchen, infirmary, living units, laundry, bathroom and toilet in the containers,everything that is needed in a living space can be accessed in a single place.

Transportable Containers by Helicopters, designed and produced by Dorce Prefabrik as the fruit of important R&D activities, can be easily moved without need for any hand tools or equipment.

Container units can be used as full-fledged clinics, bathrooms, care and rehabilitation centers, offices, or kitchens.


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