Turkish company uses high-tech tools for Qatar building project

Dorce Prefabrik says it now possible to virtually construct building before physically initiating it to assess potential issues

Dorce Prefabrik, a Turkish construction company, has used building information modeling (BIM) technologies to implement its container modules project in Qatar.

According to a statement issued by the company on Wednesday, 3D/4D/5D processes were applied as part of the project, and all the project’s complexes were produced with a BIM model.

With the technological advancements, it said, the construction industry is making significant progress towards digitalization.

Construction documents, which were hand-processed on paper in the past, can now be easily created on computers with the use of drawing tools in the computer-assisted design system.

BIM enables architects and engineers to plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure more efficiently. With this 3D model-based process, it has become an important procedure.

The company said it is now possible to virtually construct a building before physically initiating it to assess potential issues and consequences.

The created virtual model supports the process from conceptual design to construction documentation, procurement and fabrication to the actual construction process, and even post-construction building management.

“Realizing the benefits and possibilities offered by BIM, developed countries such as the US, England and Japan have now started to make BIM a necessity in their construction processes,”the company said.

“In Turkey, the use of BIM has been made mandatory in rail system projects. It is believed that BIM will be widely used in all public projects in the near future,” the firm asserted.


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