Turkish company to produce patrol boats for Albanian police

A Turkish engineering company will produce five boats, one of which is aluminum and four of which are fiberglass, to be used by the Albanian police for coastal security.

The Izmir-based company, Gözüyılmaz Mühendislik, is undertaking the production after winning a tender by the Albanian police for the Effective Management of Europe’s Green and Blue Borders project, financed by the European Union.

Some of the products produced by the company, which was established in the Çiğli district in 1996 to contribute to both the defense industry and the national economy, are already in use by the Turkish police and sent to countries like Russia.

It has also recently reached a deal with Nigeria.

Within the scope of the Albanian project, the construction of a 15-meter (49-foot) aluminum boat and a 10-meter fiberglass boat to be used in patrol duties started in Izmir. The boats will be launched in March next year and delivered to the Albanian Ministry of Internal Affairs in Durres.

Gözüyılmaz Mühendislik and Izmir Shipyard Deputy General Manager Özgür Inam told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they export boats abroad under the Izmir Shipyard brand.

Stating that they have been in commercial production for 26 years Inam said that they also produce for the defense industry.

On the tender in Albania, Inam said it was a very competitive and that they managed to stand out among European companies.

“It was a source of pride for both our country and our company,” he said.

Noting that the boats to be exported will be the Albanian police’s first naval fleet, Inam said these are the same patrol boats currently being used in the Turkish cities of Izmir, Antalya and Istanbul.

“These boats will provide a total of $3 million (TL 29.13 million) in foreign currency to our country,” he also added.

Previously, the company exported boats to Russia’s special forces and signed a contract to export to Nigeria.

Touching on new works, Inam emphasized that they have also produced autonomous and unmanned boats with local defense giant Aselsan.

“We also manufacture for Roketsan,” he said adding: “We have full confidence that we will achieve the unmanned vehicle success we have achieved in aviation, also at sea. We are one of the five countries in the world that makes both autonomous and unmanned boats with herd capability.”


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