Turkish companies that export hydrogen peroxide are in high demand

Hydrogen peroxide, which is used in many areas from food to textile, is in high demand in the world market. Leading companies in Turkiye also come to the fore in exports with the production of this chemical.

Hydrogen peroxide, known to chemists as H2O2, is a chemical used in almost every field in daily life.

It is used in many areas from disinfectant to food, from paper production to mining and hygiene products.

Turkiye has come very close to the peak with the export of this chemical in recent years. Rising export figures bring investments as well.

The rise of leading Turkish companies in the field of hydrogen peroxide draws attention in the global market.

“We are doubling the production amount”

Stating that the manufacturers in Turkiye are in a good position in terms of accessibility, Hidrogen Peroxide Inc. Deputy General Manager Tolga Celayer said, “Our headquarters in Germany pressed the button to double the capacity of our production facility in Bandirma. We are starting our investments. We are doubling the production amount by the end of 2023.”

With these investments, it is aimed to contribute to both the country’s economy and employment.

Exported to over 120 countries

Turkey’s status as a logistics base in the world market draws attention as well as quality products in the rise of exports:

“By using this advantage in exports, we have increased both our export figures and our export points. As of now, we export from the gemlik port of Bandirma to over 120 countries.”

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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