Turkish Commercial Registry Gazette now posts notices within 2 hours

Turkish Union of Chambers and Exchange Commodities (TOBB) is now able to post electronical notices within 2 hours thanks to the digital transition project of Commercial Registry Gazette.

Rifat Hisarcikoglu, the president of TOBB, stated that the project is a collaboration of TOBB and Domestic Commerce General Directorate of Commerce Ministry.  He said:

‘’ Within the project, notices involving the registries on Central Registration System are transferred to the gazette directorate and will be posted within 2 hours. This project was put on use as from July 2020 in Ankara Trade Chamber. Dissemination of the project still continues; the personnel of 300 registries of commerce and 124 chambers are trained for this new operation. The project has accelerated the trade related operations. 7 thousand 500 notices have been electronically posted since July. We have started to reach more than 1000 notices daily.’’

Hisarcioglu said that they determined the year 2020 as the digital transition year of Commercial Registry Gazette and continued:

‘’The software substructure and the website of the gazette have been renovated; now there is an access to the website via e-devlet and e-imza. Digital transition will continue in TOBB services.’’

There was information related to Turkish Commercial Registry Gazette which provides safe trade operations and has a role of an archive showing the trade development of Turkey. The gazette has been published by TOBB since 1957 and over 16 thousand copies of the gazette have been published since then; these copies composed of 5.2 million pages and 17.6 million notices.

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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