Turkish Citrus fruit exports has significant contribution to the food industry

Kemal Kacmaz, the President of National Citrus Council stated that citrus fruits hold an important position in raw vegetable and fruit sector exports. He emphasized that the number of citrus exporters is constantly increasing and said:

‘’Citrus export was increased by 10 percent in the last 7 months. We exported 596 tons of citrus fruits last year and 656 tons this year; this export brought 336 million dollars of foreign currency inflow to our country.’’

Kacmaz ranked the citrus fruit exports based on value; 125 million dollars of mandarin export takes the lead and lemon, orange and grapefruit exports continue it.  

Prior export authorization for lemon is not required anymore

Kacmaz stated that the increase in export contented the sector representatives and said:

‘’The most export was made to Russia Federation; it is valued at 119 million dollars. The other countries that we exported the most are Ukraine, Iraq, Romani and Poland. As you know, prior export authorization was applied on lemon and this caused certain decreases in export; yet, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry had the authorization practice discontinued for a couple of days ago. Hence, our exports will be recovered; we are very content with this cancellation. Citrus fruits will get the place they deserve in the markets before the new harvest season.’’

Kacmaz emphasized that there are natural and high-quality citrus fruit productions all over Turkey and said: ‘’Our citrus is also demanded by European countries due to it’s high-quality; our sector will improve more in the future.’’

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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