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Turkish citizens can go abroad with only chip ID cards, without a visa and passport

Turkish citizens, who can go to 74 countries with only passports without a visa, can now travel to 5 countries with their chip ID cards. In the upcoming period, some agreements will be made with Russia and Belarus, and travel will be paved with chip ID cards.

The number of countries where Turkish citizens can travel abroad only with their ID cards is increasing. Finally, the visa and passport obstacle has been eliminated in the travels of Turkish citizens to Azerbaijan. From now on, only ID will be sufficient for travels from Azerbaijan to Turkey and Turkey to Azerbaijan. Thus, the number of countries that Turkish citizens can visit without a visa and passport has been increased to five.


According to the news of Turkey Newspaper, while it was possible to travel to Georgia, TRNC, Moldova, and Ukraine with mutual identity, similar agreements are planned to be made with Belarus and Russia this year. With traveling with IDs, citizens get rid of the tiring visa work for their foreign travels. On the other hand, the number of countries where Turkish citizens can go to with a passport without a visa has also increased. Today, Turkish citizens can visit 74 countries where the visa application has been revoked, only with passports.

Source: ahaber.com / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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