Turkish Central Bank increases upper limit in the FAST system to ₺1000

The Central Bank raised the upper limit in the FAST system, which can be used 24/7 for money and fund transfers, to ₺1000. In the statement made by the Central Bank, it was stated that over 9 million instant payments have been made via FAST since January 8.

In the statement made by the CBRT, it was stated that the new generation 24/7 instant payment system FAST System, which was developed and operated by internal resources and was put into use as of January 8, was met with great interest, and 9 million instant payments were made via FAST in a short time.


It was noted that the number of users registered in the Easy Addressing System, which enables payments to be initiated easily and quickly with the Republic of Turkey Identity Number (TCKN), phone number, and e-mail address, reached 5.3 million, and the following statements were made:

“As of today, the upper limit of transactions in the FAST System has been raised to ₺1000. In the future, FAST will be able to work with higher limits and new value-added services such as QR code payment to increase the user experience. It is considered that these developments that will strengthen the basic infrastructure in the field of payments will make innovative financial technologies an indispensable part of life, and will make very important contributions in line with the goal of the digital economy. More detailed information and promotional content about the system can be accessed at”


The FAST System was launched on January 8 with a ₺50 limit in order to closely monitor its widespread use.


With this new FAST system called Instant and Continuous Transfer of Funds, citizens can make money transfers between their accounts in different banks within seconds, 7 days 24 hours. The FAST System has been put into service as a pilot application as of December 18 and has been gradually opened to the use of citizens.

Source: / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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