Turkish built power plants are supplying safe and stable electricity in Libya

In the areas controlled by Government of National Accord which is the legitimate representation of Libya care of United Nations, Turkish power corporations Enka and Çalık are expecting stable and safe power supply from their formerly built power plants in a short while.

These power plants are one of the greatest facilities in Libya. Simple cycle power plant Al-Khums, The Çalık plant, is located 100 km east of Trablous and has a capacity of 550 megawatt while gas turbine power plant Ubari made by Enka has a capacity of 640 megawatt.

The construction of Al-Khums started in 2014.

Al-Khums, while carried being the first great power plant owned by power ministry of Libya after the revolution, the facility’s temporary acceptance was in 9 April 2017 and completely accepted in 2018 and makes up the 6 percent of total power in Lidya.

The Enka plant made a test connection

Enka accepted building Ubari gas turbine plant that includes four unites, in 2007. Even though the construction started in 2010, due to civil war in Libya, it was postponed in 2011; started again in 2012 and stopped in 2014 because of safety issues. The station’s construction started again in May 2017 when safety measures were taken.

After May 2017, the great part of the station was completed and in October 2017, Libya made a test connection with electric network; yet the station again was evacuated the third time because of safety issues.

The minister of energy and natural resources, Fatih Dönmez stated that, the two great plants in Lidya are now built by Turkish companies that he wants to keep anonymous. He said that after the process is completed, these plants can be put into use in couple of months.

The problem of accessing power

According to the data given by the World Bank, 97 percent of Libyan had access to power in 2002 yet it decreased to 67 percent in 2018. The problem of accessing water and power gets worse in Libya where the total of built electrical power is 8 thousand megawatt.

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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