Turkish aviation industry expert expect 45% growth in aviation by 2028

According to the statement of the President of the Aviation Management Department of Istanbul Medipol University,  Dr. Assistant Professor Murat Düzgün, even though Covid-19 pandemic that affected world economically, specifically mostly aviation industry, slowed down the growth, the industry will be expanded, compared to the 2019, by 45 percent in 2028.

Moody’s, the international credit rating agency, also stated that due to Covid-19, the aviation industry will not be completely recover before 2023 and faces drastic changes in policy.

‘’The aviation industry will protect it’s indispensability’’

Düzgün, presented that the pandemic only affected the growth of the industry and the industry will expand more in the future.

‘’Moody’s guess of 2023 is based on medical and social facts yet; when we look at the situation in the view of  fast, comfortable, ordered flights, the industry will protect it’s indispensability and will recover. I think when we look at the 2019 total scale, the process will grow by 40-60 percent in 2020, 80 percent in 2021, and 100 percent in the first 8 months of 2022 and 6-8 percent of the total obtained scale in the following years. According to that the 45 percent growth is possible.’’

He added:

 ‘’The growing Turkish aviation industry will have financial losses like the opponent industries, yet I think by increasing the acceleration, the industry will grow more. Considering the committed investments in our country, some work load can incline towards our country hence reversing the crisis to opportunity. That is to say, we should prepare ourselves to the increasing work load and wait for the demand.’’

‘’We can witness unions in aviation industry.’’

Düzgün stated that because of the pandemic there can  be some unions in the industry and continued:

‘’ You can see the changes in the logistics worldwide especially in navigation, because of the sales emerging from big private corporations in order to expand their market share. In aviation industry, especially after 2025 when the main line flights will increase, the likewise is expected yet the pandemic accelerated this process. Hence, I am thinking that by 2021 March, the sales will be started in order to compensate the loss.’’

source: anadolu agency/ translated by bazaar team

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