Turkish armored vehicle Yoruk 4×4 opens new export doors

Nurol Machine will make the first deliveries of the tactical wheeled armored vehicle Yoruk to three countries in the remainder of the year.

Nurol Machine Deputy General Manager Anil Karel said that they introduced their most popular vehicles, Ejder Yalcin and Yoruk 4×4, in the exhibition area created as part of the EFES-2022 Combined Joint Field Shooting Exercise.

Expressing that different configurations of the vehicles are used by the armies and security forces of various countries, Karel said that not only the Turkish army and the Ministry of National Defense officials, but also the defense ministers, force commanders and high-level representatives of over 40 countries took part in the exercise. Karel stated that they will hold talks on vehicles on the occasion of the exercise.

“As of today, we have contracts with over 20 countries. We will add new contracts to these in the coming days.” Karel stated that some deliveries will start this year within the scope of their contracts. Karel said, “From the second half of this year, we will deliver the Yoruk 4×4 vehicles to three countries in particular. Deliveries to different countries continue within the scope of the contracts we have made for Ejder Yalcin. Our goal is to continue to add value to our country by increasing this potential.”

Informing that Nurol Machine Programs Directorate is making plans for the production of the vehicles, Karel said:

“One of our biggest problems in this period is the disruptions in the supply chain. We have taken some precautions within the scope of the risk assessments made by the Planning and Programs Department before. In this context, we continue to work to deliver our customers’ deliveries at the times we have promised in the contracts, without delaying their deliveries as much as possible. I hope it will be a good exercise not only for Nurol Machine, but also for all Turkish companies, and we will have the opportunity to see our products in new countries.”

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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