Turkey’s grain and pulses producers has exported to 211 countries worth $6.5B products

Altunkaya, TIM Grain Pulses, Oil Seeds and Products Sector Board Chairman, said: “On the basis of exporters’ unions, GAIB (Southeastern Anatolia Exporters Association) is the most exporting union with $2 billion 38 million 916 thousand.”

TIM (Turkey Exporters Assembly) Grain Pulses, Oil Seeds and Products Sector Board Chairman Altunkaya stated that the Southeastern Anatolia Exporters Association (GAIB) take the first place in the export of grain and pulse.

According to the statement made by GAIB, TIM Grain Pulses Oil Seeds and Products Sector Board meeting was held under the chairmanship of Altunkaya with the participation of TIM President Ismail Gulle.

Altunkaya stated in the meeting held with the video conference method that international container companies have frequently increased prices against the competition rules by citing various reasons, and this situation will negatively affect the country’s exports in the coming days.

Altunkaya stated that it is important to find a solution on this issue.

Altunkaya pointed out that Turkey exported $6 billion 531 million 903 thousand in the grain, pulses sector in January-November of 2020. He emphasized that exporters are managing the epidemic process correctly.

Altunkaya stated that by delivering products to 211 countries and free zones in 11 months of the year, they increased exports by 6.1% compared to the same period of the previous year.

“Exports made on the basis of country groups were made to the Middle East countries with the highest amount of $2 billion 524 million 667 thousand. The countries with the highest export in 11 months period are Iraq, the United States of America, and Syria. The most exported products are biscuit-cake, wheat flour, vegetable oils, and pasta.”

Drawing attention to the place of Southeastern Anatolia Region in grain and pulses exports, Altunkaya said:

“On the basis of exporters’ unions, GAIB is the union with the highest export with $2 billion 38 million 916 thousand. Second place is Istanbul Exporters Unions with $1 billion 775 million 428 thousand, and Mediterranean Exporters Unions take the third place with $1 billion 67 million 726 thousand. These unions were followed by Central Anatolia Exporters Unions with $709 million 271 thousand, Aegean Exporters Unions with $459 million 968 thousand and Black Sea Exporters Unions with $174 million 342 thousand.”

Source: AA / Translated by Bazaar Times Team

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