Turkey’s fresh fruit and vegetable exports increased by 70% in April

Nejdat Sin, Chairman of the Mediterranean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association, stated that Turkey’s fresh fruit and vegetable exports in April increased by 70% compared to the same month last year, reaching $201.7 million.

Sin, who is also the Coordinator President of the Mediterranean Exporters Unions (AKIB), stated in his written statement that despite the negativities of the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) process, they continue to export uninterrupted thanks to measures and supports.

Sin, giving the information that the fresh fruit and vegetable sector exported 327 thousand 761 tons of products in April, said, “Our industry has earned $201 million 722 thousand of foreign currency for our country. Fresh fruit and vegetable exports of our country increased by 69% in amount and 70% in value in April compared to the same period of the previous year.”

Stating that they exported $98.9 million in vegetables and $57.6 million in fruit in April, Sin said:

“The most exported product was tomatoes with $41.9 million. Pepper ranked second with $27.1 million, and lemon ranked third with $24.3 million. This month, we achieved the highest increase in exports in lemon, potato, onion, pear and peach. The country to which we export the most was Russia with an increase of 85% and $57.5 million. Romania ranked second, with a 64% increase and $30.1 million, and Iraq third with an 81% increase and $14.3 million. In the month in question, we have achieved export increases of up to 5 times in the markets of India, Libya, Syria, Kosovo and Belarus.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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