Turkey’s first hybrid power plant was built in Bingol

Cengiz Holding, which has accomplished huge projects in Turkey, has added an 80-megawatt solar power plant (GES) to its Asagi Kalekoy Dam and hydroelectric power plant (HES) project, which started electricity production in Bingol last year and has an installed capacity of 510 megawatts. The project, which is Turkey’s first hybrid power plant and completed in a period of 6 months, started electricity generation. According to the statement made by the Holding, the project, realized with the cooperation of Cengiz Holding and Ozaltin Holding, was carried out entirely by Turkish engineers, while the total installed power of HEPP and GES reached 590 megawatts.


Cengiz Holding Energy Group President Ahmet Cengiz said that the solar power plant, in which more than 1 million meters of cable is used, is Turkey’s first and the world’s second-largest hybrid power plant. Expressing that the solar power plant, which became operational, was built on a land of 1 million square meters, Cengiz said, “We will produce electricity that can meet the annual consumption of 400 thousand households with the 80-megawatt solar power plant.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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