Turkey’s first domestic base station manufacturer ULAK is among the world leaders in its field

Celal Sami Tufekci, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ULAK Communications, Turkey’s first domestic and national base station manufacturer, Vice President of Presidency Defense Industry, stated that ULAK Communications has started to export base stations and software-based networks, and has become competitive with world leaders in software-based networking.

Tufekci told Anadolu Agency (AA) that communication is one of the most important tools of the information age in Konya, where he came to attend the Turkey Entrepreneur Meeting Summit organized by the Entrepreneurial Businessmen Foundation (GIV).


Stating that communication is possible today not only with sound and image, but also with data and data transfer, Tufekci said, “In the age of digital communication, thank God we have a technology that 6-7 countries have at the moment, with ULAK communication. I’m talking about the number of countries that sell it as a ready-made product. We are one of 7 countries at the moment. While establishing ULAK Communications, we aimed to create added value by reflecting a technology we provided and obtained in the military field to the civilian field, and to keep both Turkey’s money and data in the country. Thankfully, we are successful in this.”


Tufekci said that they set big goals for themselves as the first domestic and national base station manufacturer in Turkey, and continued as follows:

“Currently, we have nearly 2,000 base stations actively used by users in the field. Of course, we want this to be much more and we strive for it. Although these investments have decreased in 4.5G, they continue, but our main goal is ‘5G and beyond’. This is the motto of our company. We are trying to establish the communication vision for ‘Turkey’s 5G and beyond’. Ulak is working on the 5G base station. We also do the core networks of this. Both 4.5G and 5G. In addition, we developed the ‘Software Defined Network’ software-based network technology, which we call ‘SDN’, simultaneously with the world. We are now marketing this to our public institutions and private companies.”

Expressing that the software-based network is very important for the information age, Tufekci said, “What we call a network is a structure that connects the dots. The Internet is a network, the same as GSM. It manages these networks centrally, effectively manages them, We’re talking about software that can lift and control it, it’s a new standard technology. Big companies like Cisco are doing this in the world and we have developed this software simultaneously with them. In other words, Cisco and we can enter tenders under the same conditions. ULAK has the potential to compete with the world’s best companies in the software-based network concept. In other words, we are not only a company that produces base stations, but a communication company that produces a total network solution.”

Noting that ULAK will make a name for itself with its exports, Tufekci said:

“We started to export our base stations and network products gradually. Orders are coming from countries where we are currently testing. Orders are in the hundreds. This makes us very happy. Exactly 4 years ago, when we established ULAK, the goal we wanted to achieve was not only ‘Keep Turkey’s money and data in Turkey’, but also to earn money by exporting this product to Turkey. We are also successful in this. We have a very dynamic team, they work very hard. Behind this work, we have important companies such as ASELSAN, NETAS, Argela and a very large communication ecosystem that we receive support from. Together with them, we are coming to a point where we can say ‘we are there’ in communication for Turkey. Currently, we have received orders from 3 countries, from African and Asian countries. We have received both base station and software-based network orders. We invite everyone to know and support ULAK. We will offer ULAK to the public. We want everyone to be the owner of ULAK when we offer it to the public.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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