Turkey’s exports of fresh fruits and vegetables in 2021 exceeded $3 billion

Turkey’s fresh fruit and vegetable exports reached approximately $3 billion 83 million in 2021 with an increase of 13% compared to the previous year.

According to the information compiled from the data of the Mediterranean Exporters’ Associations, a 13% increase was recorded in the exports of fresh fruits and vegetables in 2021, which was $2 billion 729 million in 2020.

Last year, the exporters of the sector realized an export of approximately $3 billion 83 million of fresh fruit and vegetables.

During this period, $1 billion 252 million of fruit, an increase of 16% compared to the previous year, $875 million 713 thousand of vegetables and $934 million 891 thousand of citrus fruits were exported with an increase of 25%. The rest of the export was made up of tea.

Nejdat Sin, President of the Mediterranean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters’ Association, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the fresh fruit and vegetable sector continues to make a significant contribution to the country’s economy.

Stating that as the sector, they have achieved an increase in the number of exports each year, Sin drew attention to the importance of the increase in foreign sales despite the Covid-19.


Noting that the representatives of the sector carried out important works throughout the year, Sin said:

“There were demands and orders delayed due to Covid-19. With the spread of the vaccine in 2021, this process became normal. We also used this well due to our proximity to the countries we export to. Despite the increase in raw material and container prices in the world, our exporters worked devotedly and achieved good results. We are happy with this figure. It is the job of our exporters to evaluate the sweat produced in our country in the best way in the world. It also makes you happy to see the results of your work. I believe that we will do good things in the new year by putting this export figure on top of it. We will put forth all the effort we can. We will try to do our best. We have to produce healthy products, I expect everyone’s contribution in this context.”

Emphasizing that they will continue their work in the new year as well, Sin stated that they will continue to make significant contributions to the country’s economy.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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