Turkey’s economic confidence rises 4.4% in August

Driven by improvements in real sector and services, monthly index hits 85.9, up from 82.2 in July, says TurkStat

Turkey’s economic confidence index surged 4.4% month-on-month, hitting 85.9 in August, according to the country’s statistical institute Friday.

The figure rose from 82.2 in July thanks to improvements in sub-readings of the real sector, services, and retail trade.

The real sector confidence index saw the highest rise in August,up 5.8% to 105.2.

It was followed by the services and retail trade confidence sub-indices, which rose 5.7% and 0.2% during the same period.

“On the other hand, consumer confidence index decreased by 2.2% and became 59.6 and construction confidence index decreased by 2.3% and became 85.0 in August,” TurkStat said.

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