Turkey’s crude steel production up 9.2% y-o-y in March

Country’s steel production volume rises 9.2% on annual basis to 3.4M tons, according to trade group data

Turkey posted a 9.2% increase in crude steel production year-on-year in March, trade group data showed.

According to data compiled by Anadolu Agency from the Turkish Steel Producers’ Association (TCUD), Turkey’s crude steel production reached 3.4 million tons in March.

The export volume of steel products also rose 32.5% on an annual basis to 1.6 million tons, while the revenue from steel exports reached $1.1 billion with a 74.9% rise.

On the import side, the country’s steel imports increased 53.9% to 1.5 million tons, marking a 81.6% rise in value to $1.2 billion.

3-month figure

Some 9.8 million tons of crude steel were produced in Turkey in the first three months of this year, an annual rise of 9.5%.

The country’s steel exports went up 2.8% to 4.2 million tons while imports were up 15.7% to 3.9 million tons in the same period compared to last year.


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