Turkey’s attractiveness in production has increased

Murat Kolbasi, Member of the Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) Board of Directors and Coordinator President of Turkey-Asia Pacific Business Councils, said, “Due to the increase in the transportation prices paid for products produced in Asia and brought to Europe, it is a much more serious advantage for the manufacturer to produce the products that we call remittance products in a location close to the market. From this point of view, Turkey, which has a strong infrastructure and a strong supplier industry, comes to the fore.”

Kolbasi stated that within the framework of the agreements he made with the EU, Turkey is an alternative investment country on a production basis for many companies in the EU, especially Germany. Kolbasi stated that when looking at the figures, Turkey has become the second-largest supplier in some sectors after China, and is even better in some areas.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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