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Turkey, Zambia agree to boost ties in health sector

Turkish Health Ministry will share experience, best practices with East African country, says official

Turkey’s Health Ministry has expressed readiness to cooperate with Zambia in developing the latter’s health sector, as well as to promote health tourism.

In a recent meeting between Mehmet Kilickaya, a top official at Turkey’s International Health Services (USHAS), and Zambian envoy Joseph Chilengi, expressed willingness to boost bilateral cooperation.

“Our mandate is to promote the Turkish health system,” said Kilickaya, adding that it is effectively dealing with the coronavirus pandemic at home, and also helping other countries.

The Zambian envoy said that his country, as part of its 7th National Development Plan, seeks to focus on the health sector.

“Turkey’s health system is globally competitive we have seen it during challenging times,” Chilengi said. “Infrastructure and systems are always being enhanced and expertise shared with the rest of the world.”

Meanwhile, a Zambian firm has also signed a deal with a Turkish manufacturer for motor vehicles and heavy industrial filters that match EU standards.

Trade volume between Turkey and Zambia in 2019 was $23.8 million.

Turkey’s exports to Zambia were worth $17.86 million, whereas its imports from the East African amounted to $5.9 million.

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