Turkey will soon launch the Logistics Portal, Exporters gateway to the world

Gulle said, “We will make this portal the gateway for our exporters to the world. With the Turkey Logistics Portal, we will gain significant advantages in logistics while increasing our export volume.”

Ismail Gulle, Chairman of the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly (TIM), said in his speech at the introductory meeting of the Export 2021 Report, that in order to prepare for tomorrow, it is necessary to see the future from today and that they continue to work in this direction.

Talking about what happened in 2020, which was a difficult year for both exporters and the whole world, Gulle explained that the most serious recession in the economy has been experienced since the Second World War, but Turkey is one of the two G-20 countries that closed the year with growth in such a difficult period, and that despite all the difficulties, they never stopped production and exports.

He stated that, in this process, exporters’ associations brought thousands of exporters to foreign buyers with 62 virtual trade delegations in 54 countries and held 10 virtual fairs.

Stating that they shared the third of the report, which has now gained a traditional structure, and their new visions and road maps, Gulle stated that the theme of the report this year is “The Transformation Process in the Global Supply Chain”.

Stating that countries have experienced the negativities of being dependent on a single source in the supply chain with the epidemic, Gulle continued his words as follows:

“The world is aware that it can no longer be dependent on products coming from a single region, factory. At the peak of the supply crisis, our country came to the fore as an alternative reliable supplier. In our report, we shared the work we have done to guide our exporters in understanding this change correctly. In our report, we shared the global economy and Turkey’s 2020 performance and 2021 expectations, medium and long-term trends in global trade, the transformation process in global supply chains and the 2021 agenda of our assembly under four main headings.”

“Turkey is the most important potential country in supply for Europe”

Ismail Gulle stated that their purpose of publishing the report was to “ensure that exporters walk firmly into the future without breaking away from yesterday and today, in a period when change and transformation in world trade and economy is so fast”.

Expressing that they are aiming for exporters to turn to markets with high potential in their sectors with the sectoral and target market based medium and long term projections in the report, Gulle made the following statements:

“Our country is among the countries that can benefit most from the change in global supply structures. The fact that our country has a developed sub-industry with product and sector diversity in industrial production, flexible and fast production structure, compliance with the EU in high product standards and standards, strong logistics companies and services, availability of advanced export financing opportunities with high port and transportation capacity show that Turkey is the most important potential country for Europe in supply.”

Highest export growth in 2035 expected in aviation and defense industry

TIM President Gulle stated that they included global trade and economy projections for 2025-2030 and 2035 in the report and said that they expect exports to increase with a great acceleration in the next 15 years.

Emphasizing that they are on the eve of a great opportunity period for many sectors, he gave the following information.

“According to the calculations we have made in sectoral terms, we expect the sector in which the highest increase in exports will be in our country in 2035 to be the ‘defense and aviation industry’ with an increase of 425%. We predict that it will be followed by aquaculture and animal products with 297%, machinery and accessories with 179%, carpet with 164% and jewelry with 156%. In terms of global demand, the sectors that are expected to be in the top 3 in 2025 are ‘chemicals and products’, ‘electrical electronics’ and ‘automotive industry’, respectively, while we expect the ranking to remain unchanged in 2035.”

Gulle stated that they expect the exporters to rise above these projections and that they are working non-stop to exceed the projections.

Stating that 1,500 companies join the export family every month, Gulle explained that the exports in the last 6 months have exceeded $100 billion and that they have exceeded their annual export targets since they took office.

Turkey Logistics Portal is coming

Ismail Gulle underlined that they carefully follow the global problems in logistics and gave the following information:

“We have completed our preparations to bring a national solution to this global problem. Very soon, we will launch our Turkey Logistics Portal and make it the gateway to the world for our exporters. With the Turkey Logistics Portal, we will gain significant advantages in terms of logistics while increasing our export volume. The portal will serve as a bridge between logistics companies and our exporters. Our products will now reach the four corners of the world in a faster, cheaper and safer way. We will share the details of the portal with you in the coming days. Also, participating in the survey at ‘’ could contribute to the development of the platform we have prepared.”

“This year we expect export figures to realize above our targets”

TIM President Gulle, upon a question about SMEs being exporters, said that they are almost mobilized on this issue.

On a question that export targets are constantly changing and revising, Gulle explained that when they first announced the target of $500 billion, they aimed to get a 1.5% share from world trade, but that in the meantime, serious problems were experienced globally, negativities were observed in the USA, China and Russia, and a global epidemic started in 2020.

He said, “We produce solutions by living the problems during the day. We are working to eliminate the uncertainties as much as possible in these solutions. We managed this process well. We have not disrupted our place in the supply-demand chain. None of our businesses were shut down for this reason, due to the epidemic. Not everyone who had a job stopped production, even on Saturdays and Sundays. Our 6-month exports exceeded $100 billion. These may be boiling in between, as we broke the records of the history of Turkey a lot. In fact, there is not a big deviation in our goals.”

Stating that they have exceeded their target of $165 billion last year, Gulle said, “This year, $184 billion. I believe that the figures in the first quarter will be announced soon and will be realized above the target. We will see that the unit price of our exports increased as of this month and the prices increased and the tonnages increased.”

On a question about the vaccine, Gulle said that with the vaccination, the activities of exporters will accelerate.

Gulle stated that they have seen positive steps taken with Saudi Arabia, but this has not yet been reflected in the figures.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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