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Turkey will continue to work for the development of Mediterranean trade: Minister Pekcan

The opening ceremony of 89th Izmir International Expo (IEF) was held in Kulturpark; Ruhsar Pekcan, the Trade Minister spoke at the ceremony and started her words by stating that they were unwilling to take a break from this deep-rooted traditional expo in spite of the negative pandemic conditions. She said:

“Our Ministry has a great responsibility for the performance of our expo; it should be in line with the vitality and socio-economic beauty of our Izmir in the best possible way.”

Pekcan emphasized that Ministry gives so much importance on IEF heritage and they make special efforts and have sensitivity to carry it to future generations. Pekcan stated that international visitors were hosted online due to the pandemic and that they transferred the working days that are organized within the fair to the virtual environment. Pekcan said:

‘’Main theme of this year’s expo is ‘Meeting of the Blue Continent’. We exchanged ideas about the Mediterranean, which has historically been the center of trade, and revitalizing it’s position as the center of world trade by increasing regional trade and economic cooperation; while doing so, it is important to also strengthen the quality of İzmir as one of the main attraction centres of world trade.’’

Pekcan reminded that Izmir made 12.2 billion dollars of trade in 2019; government provided 182.5 million liras for the Izmir exporters in 2019. She emphasized that they supported Izmir with 94 million liras in the first 7 months of 2020 and that there are 11 active Development of Competition (UR-GE) projects in Izmir.

Noting that Turkey has been a determinant in the Mediterranean and Mediterranean trade throughout it’s history, Pekcan said:

‘’ Turkey is an arbiter in it’s political and military activities alongside with economic power; at the same time, Turkey has always worked constructively to enhance regional prosperity.

Turkey will continue to work for the development of Mediterranean trade in a way that is just and equitable, contributing to regional and global prosperity and peace, as it was until today.

Indeed, Turkey  has been among the leading actors of ‘Euro-Mediterranean Partnership’, which envisages the establishment of a trade regime that will benefit all countries in the Mediterranean and ‘Union for the Mediterranean’ formations.’’

Stating that the fair is a memory and a color in the lives of all Aegean people, Pekcan said:

‘’It is pleasing to continue this deep-rooted tradition and to make our children experience this, and to see that the fair program is enriched with new additional events every year. This fair, hosted by Izmir, one of the most important trade centers of Turkey, has provided great services to the export and promotion of our country for many years and continues this feature today. Our main goals are to continue to introduce Izmir’s great potential to the world, to activate all its capacity and to make Izmir one of the most important trade and business centres of the Eastern Mediterranean as it should be.”

Following the opening speeches, Minister Pekcan and protocol members visited the stand of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality at the expo.

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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