Turkey: Trade ties with Sri Lanka will be strengthened

Visiting the Gaziantep Chamber of Industry (GSO) Chairman Adnan Unverdi, Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Ankara Mohamed Rizvi Hassen and Gaziantep Honorary Consul Suleyman Cicek held talks on the development of bilateral trade between Gaziantep and Sri Lanka and new collaborations.

In the meeting, which emphasized that the ties should be strengthened in order to bring the trade volume between Gaziantep and Sri Lanka to the desired level, prominent sectors and products were evaluated. Expressing his satisfaction with the visit, GSO Chairman Adnan Unverdi pointed out the success of Gaziantep in the sector and export and said:

“We were happy to host Ambassador Mohamed Rizvi Hassen here. He is very positive, and I believe that we can make very good cooperation with this approach. Unfortunately, our trade between Gaziantep and Sri Lanka is not at the desired point. We need to improve our trade volume rapidly. There is a lot of product that we can bring from there and a lot of industrial production to send there. We sent mostly woven fabric, chocolate and confectionery, and packaging-based materials. On the other hand, we imported food and tea. Hopefully, in the upcoming period, we will develop our bilateral trade together by spreading this to different sectors. “

Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Ankara, Mohamed Rizvi Hassen, stated that Gaziantep has a special place for him and said, “Some of our business people have strong commercial ties with the business people here. We want to build bridges between the trade associations in Sri Lanka and in Turkey. Turkey has a very serious trade potential in its region, but Sri Lankans are not aware of this. Sri Lanka also has significant trade potential around itself, but this is not well known. We have friendly relations with Turkey in political and diplomatic terms. We should also reflect this to trade and develop our bilateral trade.”

Following the visit, GSO Chairman Adnan Unverdi, Chairman of the GSO Board of Directors, presented a plaque to Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Ankara Mohamed Rizvi Hassen in memory of the day.

Source: IHA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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