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Turkey to bring about new boom era for economy, democracy

President Erdogan says government working on strengthening economic policies, raising bar of democracy and freedoms

The Turkish government is determined to bring about a new boom era for Turkey’s economy and democracy, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday.

“We are working on both strengthening our economic policies and raising the bar of democracy and freedoms while easing daily life for our citizens,” Erdogan said in his speech at a trade fair in Istanbul.

Noting that the support of the business circle and citizens is crucial to achieve the economic goals, Erdogan said: “First of all, we must bring overseas savings to our country.”

He urged the business circle to put money in investment, employment, production and exports.

Investments that spur production and employment will be accelerated by mobilizing domestic and international entrepreneurs, Erdogan added.

“We should enhance the trust of our nation and investors in our national currency, Turkish liras, thus reduce the weight of foreign exchange currency in deposits,”he noted.

Anadolu Agency

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