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Turkey Statistical Institute presented the product prices in October

On the basis of consumer prices, the highest price increase was in men’s sweater with 38.58 percent, while the cheapest product was lemon with 30.94 percent decrease in October.

According to the data of Turkey Statistical Institute (TUIK), men’s sweater was followed by cardigan with 30.77 percent increase and pumpkin with 26.34 percent.

Other products whose prices increased the most in October were cucumber with 22.31 percent, overcoats for women with 20.88 percent, boots for women with 19.83 percent, melon with 19.68 percent, eggs with 16.74 percent, onion with 16.24 percent, green beans with 16.05 percent and jacket for women with 12.76 percent.

The biggest price drop was in lemon In October. Lemon was followed by eggplant with 13.18 percent, apple with 12.49 percent, carrot with 8.08 percent, pistachio with 3.94 percent, dill with 3.87 percent and peanut with 2.61 percent.

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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