Turkey: Service export support to the real estate sector

The real estate sector was also included in the scope of service exports. Real estate agents that market real estate in Turkey abroad will also receive government support.

Companies, institutions and organizations located in Turkey that provide all kinds of real estate services in residential, commercial and other immovable areas will be able to benefit from the support. The Ministry of Commerce will provide annual rent up to ₺3.6 million and advertising support up to ₺1.8 million. Within the scope of the Service Export Support Program Package, the number of sectors that will benefit from government support has been increased and new support elements have been defined. Accommodation and transportation expenses will be covered by the Ministry. In addition to health tourism, film, education sectors, “cultural services, creative industries, sports tourism, fair organization, real estate, logistics, management consultancy, green services and other service sectors” were included in the scope of support.

It will be ensured that real estate, fair organization, green services, sports tourism and other services sectors, which are included in the scope of support for the first time, benefit from the support elements that have been implemented in the previous period, and which are designed specifically for the sectors, which were put into effect for the first time. In the field of green services, subjects such as registration, market entry documents, database membership, unit, employment, advertising and marketing, participation in foreign events, national participation, virtual fair organization will be supported. Within the scope of foreign registration, protection, market-entry certificate, membership expenses to tax bases, support will be provided up to 60% and up to ₺600 thousand per year.


In the expenses related to advertising, promotion, and marketing activities abroad, 70% and a maximum of ₺1 million 200 thousand per year will be given if deemed appropriate by the Ministry. A maximum of ₺1 million 440 thousand per event will be supported for the promotion expenses of the national participation event.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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