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Turkey receives 170,000+ trademark applications in 2020

Over 18,700 patent applications submitted in 2020, according to TurkPatent data

The Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TurkPatent) received 170,590 trademark applications in 2020, according to official figures released on Friday.

The number of trademark applications increased 27% year-on-year in 2020, TurkPatent data showed.

Among them were 155,913 domestic trademark applications.

Meanwhile, the office received 18,705 patent applications including 8,200 domestic applications during the same period, down 6.1% compared to 2019.

Some 3,627 utility model and 42,963 design applications were received in 2020, both up 22.2% and 6.6% respectively compared to 2019, according to latest data.

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