Turkey ranks first in the world in hazelnut, cherry, fig, apricot, quince and poppy production

Turkey, which ranks first in the production of various products from hazelnuts to cherries, from figs to apricots in the world, managed to increase its herbal production by 7.6% compared to the previous year despite the negative effects of the epidemic.

According to the information obtained by the AA correspondent from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Turkey has been in the top ranks in Europe and the world in terms of agricultural output for the last 10 years. As of the 2005-2019 period, the country, which is the first in Europe in agricultural output, ranks 7th in the world.

Agricultural output in Turkey increased by 20% last year compared to the previous year and reached ₺333.3 billion, and this figure was recorded as a record in the history of the Republic.

Despite the negative effects of the Covid-19 epidemic in herbal production, an increase of 7.6% was achieved last year compared to the previous year, and 126,1 million tons were produced.

The value of herbal production increased by 24.2% in the same period and reached ₺245.2 billion.

There was an increase of 11.9% in field products, 5.8% in fruits and 0.3% in vegetables. With the production of 6.5 million tons of corn and 278 thousand tons of dry beans last year, the production record of these products in the history of the Republic was reached.

Products in which Turkey ranks first in the world in production

Turkey ranks first in hazelnut, cherry production, second in melon, watermelon, cherry, figs, apricots, quince and poppy cucumber, carob and chickpea production, third in mandarin and apple production, and fourth in pistachio, strawberry, chestnut, walnut and lentil production. Ranking 5th in sugar beet, 6th in lemons and grapes, the country ranks 7th in seed cotton production.

While approximately 1.1 million tons of hazelnuts are produced annually in the world, 69% of this is grown in Turkey. In quince production, 26% of the 666.6 million-ton production is met from Turkey.

Cherry production is calculated as approximately 2.6 million tons, 26% of which is produced in Turkey. While the world fig production reaches 1.3 million tons, Turkey ranks first in this product with a 24% share.

Turkey is in the first place in this field by realizing approximately 21% of the world’s apricot production.

On the other hand, while Turkey ranks first in the world in wheat flour export and second in pasta export, it ranks 5th in fruit production and 4th in vegetable production.

In addition, Turkey exported 1982 kinds of agricultural products to 205 countries last year, generating $20.7 billion in revenue.

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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