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Turkey purchases fourth drill ship: Energy minister

Fourth drill ship with seventh-generation advanced technology has maximum operating depth of 3,600 meters

Turkey has added a fourth drill ship to its fleet of other vessels that include the Fatih, Yavuz and Kanuni, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Donmez announced on Wednesday.

In a shared infographic on his Twitter account, he said the new 238-meter-long and 42-meter-wide (781 feet long and 138 ft. wide) ship weighs 68,000 gross tons and has a maximum drilling depth of 12,200 meters (40,026 feet).

The vessel, with seventh-generation advanced technology, has a maximum operating depth of 3,600 meters(11,811 ft.), a tower height of 104 meters (341 ft.) and a crew capacity of 200.

Turkey currently operates in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea with three drill ships and two seismic vessels.


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