Turkey prepares roadmap for indigenous engine development

Defense industry continues endeavors for internal combustion, turbine engines for both air ground vehicles

As the Turkish defense industry continues to work on indigenous engine and transmission technology for land and air vehicles, the country has prepared a roadmap for motor and power transmission systems, official sources have said.

In preparing the roadmap, under which numerous projects are being conducted to end the foreign dependence of Turkey’s homegrown ground vehicles and aircraft for such parts, the Defense Industries Presidency considered current needs, as well as the existing infrastructure and latest technological developments,the sources recently told Anadolu Agency.

The roadmap consists of two types of engine projects, internal combustion and turbine.

Among internal combustion engines, there are several types, from 170-horsepower drone engines to 1,500-hp engines for tank.

Currently, engine research for armored vehicles Kirpi 2 and Pars are ongoing, with development tests completed.

Work for the engine and transmission of the Firtina howitzer and next-generation light armored vehicles also continue.

On turbine engines, defense industry teams are working on many projects for turbojets, combat aircraft Turkish Fighter X, and various missiles.

The KTJ-3200 engine’s development tests are complete, with the engine to be used in Atmaca and SOM missiles.

Efforts for the indigenous Gokbey helicopter and Turkish Fighter X’s engines are ongoing, as well.


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