Turkey needs 1 million kilometres of fiber line to switch to 5G: Turkcell

Murat Erkan, General Manager of Turkcell stated that Turkey needs a significant fiber infrastructure investment in order to make a full transition to 5G technology.

 Murat Erkan said:

‘’ 400 thousand kilometres of fiber lines located in Turkey at the moment is not enough for the transition to 5G, this length should be 1 million kilometres. As Turkcell, we have been trying to use our country’s resources in the most accurate and efficient way since the day we were founded.

Acting with common infrastructure, which is also important in the world, is critical for efficient resource use. Considering that our country has 21 million households, it costs about $15-16 billion for each company to set up its own infrastructure, instead we can reduce this cost to a quarter with a common infrastructure. In addition, we think that the company to be established to create a common infrastructure will attract investors around the world and we will not have difficulty in finding financial resources.’’

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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