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Turkey: Ministry to look after 1,625 monumental trees

Trees located in Izmir, Manisa, Edirne, Kirklareli and Tekirdag will be maintained in 2021, says Environment Ministry

Turkey’s Environment and Urbanization Ministry will look after 1,625 of the 9,098 monumental trees present across the country in 2021, it said on Monday.

These trees are located in Izmir,Manisa, Edirne, Kirklareli and Tekirdag.

Monumental trees are taken under the protection of the General Directorate for Protection of Natural Assets and are carefully maintained to ensure their, as well as the environment’s health.

Last year, 200 monumental trees in 10 provinces were maintained and their health conditions improved.

As many as 52 monumental trees were registered by the ministry in 2019, pushing the number to 1,027 since 2011.

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