Turkey is the leading country in the treatment of hair transplant and dental treatment in the world today

Cuneyt Deniz, Chairman of the Board of Health in Globe, said that they are working with the goal of contributing to Turkey both in the health sector and economically.

With the interest we see from Turkish Republics, Arabian Peninsula and African countries, especially European countries, we perform more than 1000 surgical operations per month on average. As the Health in Globe family, we work with the goal of contributing to our country both in the health sector and economically. We are committed to effective treatment methods and low cost options in the field of Health Tourism and offer them to our patients. We are a huge family with our specialist doctors, professional staff and solution partner hospitals.

Turkey has made a name for itself in the world with its sectoral investments in the health sector in the last 20 years. Competition in the health sector has increased to a high level with private and public hospitals developed with a quality service approach and incorporating new generation technologies. This development in our country is extremely important for people to receive quality health services and to receive more qualified treatment. Working together with 137 private and public hospitals and 14 universities operating in every region of Turkey, we aimed to provide the best service in health. We take care to provide the highest quality service to our patients with our respected and strong hospital network. While determining our standards, our most important criterion was “People First”. We have designed our system in order to serve in line with this understanding.

The outstanding performance and development of our country in the field of health in the last 20 years is appreciated and accepted in international platforms. Compared to other developed countries, it is seen that our country provides an economic price advantage in the quality and qualified health services it offers.

Today, our country is the leading country in the treatment of hair transplant and dental treatments in the world. It is appreciated and preferred in the international arena. It is also at the top of various surgical operations with its experienced doctors. We have doctors and hospitals that have gained prestige with their successful operations, especially in bariatric surgery, aesthetic and plastic surgeries.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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