Turkey is the 8th most furniture exporting country according to CSIL report

The annual report of the Milan-based industrial research centre ‘Centre For Industrial Studies’ (CSIL), which is globally accepted as a reference, examines the global furniture industry and furniture exports. According to the World Furniture Outlook 2020-2021 report, Turkey rose from 14th to the 8th with furniture exports worth $ 2.9 billion in 2019; Turkey outpaced countries like Spain, Denmark, France, Mexico, Romania, Malaysia and the Netherlands.

According to the report, the most furniture export making countries in 2019 are China with $ 53.9 billion exports, Poland with $ 11.5 billion, Germany with $ 11.4 billion, Vietnam with $ 10.9 billion, Italy with $ 10.8 billion, USA with $ 4.7 billion and Canada with $ 3.7 billion.

“We are getting more and more shares from the global market every day.”

Ahmet Gulec, the chairman of Istanbul Furniture Paper and Forestry Products Exporters’ Association and Furniture Associations Federation (MOSFED) evaluated the report by saying:

‘’ The globalization of Turkish furniture industry is now more possible. We are getting more and more shares from the global market every day and we make ourselves more accepted. We were ranked 21st in the global export market in 2014. According to the CSIL report, Turkey rose 7 steps between 2014-2019 years and 6 steps in the last year; this is a huge success.’’

“Our real export is valued at $3.5 billion.”

Gulec stated that Turkey is very strong compared to its competitors in the production and export, he said:

‘’We increased our exports by 12 percent in 2019, compared to 2018. While many countries’ exports were going backwards and increasing at very low rates, we rose to double digit export numbers. This development brought us a 6-step up.’’

Gulec reminded that according to TurkStat and Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) data, the furniture exports of Turkey in 2019 were valued at $3.5 billion. He said:

‘’ However, in the CSIL international report, our exports appear to be $2 billion 864 million. Some of our exports are recorded in the figures of the iron and non-ferrous metals exporters ‘associations and chemical substances exporters’ associations. We cannot show our real export numbers in the report. If we can show our real export value of $ 3.5 billion, we will have a slight difference with Canada, which ranks 7th with $ 3.7 billion exports and we will even be close to USA which ranks 6th.’’

‘’We are getting closer to our goal that seemed impossible once.’’

Gulec emphasized that the real furniture export figures are not reflected on the report and said:

‘’ Turkey is not depended on specific export markets like Vietnam and Poland and has many more advantages compared to these countries. Turkey has no contract manufacturing and many big logistic advantages, markets its own brands, exports to 180 countries, stands out with its design, quality, fast production and labour cost. Turkish export improves every day; we will accelerate our export growth by focusing on countries such as USA, China and India, by establishing logistic systems and focusing more on design.’’

Gulec stated that Turkish furniture export is growing nearly in all global markets such as Europe, USA, Asia and Africa. He said:

‘’Turkish furniture production has increased since June and the furniture industry has started additional employment. We are expecting an increase in our exports at the end of 2020.

We will reach $ 10 billion export value by 2023 with new logistics centres, new designs, alternative and target markets and more intensive promotional activities. Our goal of ‘becoming the world’s top 5 countries in furniture exports in 2023’, which seemed like a dream in 2014, is gradually becoming concrete.’’

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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