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Turkey is the 5th most countries using voice search and commands functions

Ibrahim Uslu, Vice President of the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTUK), regarding the Digital 2021 Report said “Topics Turkey stands out in the report. We are the 5th country that uses the voice search and commands system most in the world. We are in 5th place and above the world average in video game usage. Turkish ranks 4th in terms of the most produced content language on the internet all over the world.”

RTUK Vice President Ibrahim Uslu stated on his Twitter account that the Digital 2021 Report prepared by Hootsuite-We Are Social, which contains the most comprehensive data on social media, has been published in recent weeks. Stating that the Digital 2021 report, in which the pandemic effect can be observed, contains striking data about the world and Turkey, Uslu said, “According to the report, the use of social media increased by 13% compared to the previous year and the number of users worldwide reached 4.2 billion. Thus, the ratio of social media to the total world population was 53.6%. Compared to the population, the United Arab Emirates ranks first with 99%, while Turkey is at the top with 70.8%. The number of social media users in Turkey increased by 6 million compared to the previous year and reached 60 million.

As of January 2021, the world population is 7.83 billion, the number of mobile phone users is 5.22 billion, the number of internet users is 4.66 billion, the number of social media users is 4.2 billion. Worldwide, 97.1% of people aged 16-64 have mobile phones, 96.6% have smartphones, 64% have computers, 34% have tablets, 21.4% have a game console, 12.3% have smart home devices, 23.3% have smartwatches or wristbands, and 4.4% have virtual reality devices. Time spent worldwide is, 6 hours 54 minutes on the Internet, 3 hours 24 minutes watching TV, 2 hours 25 minutes social media, 2 hours 2 minutes printed media, 1 hour 31 minutes music services, 1 hour on radio, 54 minutes podcast, 1 hour 12 minutes on a game console.”


Uslu reported that worldwide Facebook has 2.7 billion, Youtube 2.3 billion, WhatsApp 2 billion, Facebook Messenger 1.3 billion, Instagram 1.2 billion, Wechat 1.2 billion, Linkedin 727 million, TikTok 689 million, Snapchat 498 million, Twitter 353.1 million and Pinterest have 200.8 million users. Uslu said: “The total population of Turkey is 84.69 million, mobile connection is 76.89 million, internet users are 65.8 million, social media users 60 million, daily social media usage time is 2 hours 57 minutes. Social media users in Turkey, 50.6 million YouTube (12th in the world), 46 million Instagram, 38 million Facebook (12th in the world), 11.1 million Snapchat (11th in the world), 11.1 million Twitter (11th in the world) 9.8 million Linkedin (14th in the world). Monthly social media usage time in the world, Facebook 19.5 hours, Whatsapp 19.4 hours, TikTok 13.3 hours, Line 10.6 hours. Instagram 10.3 hours, Twitter 5.6 hours, Facebook Messenger 2.7 hours.

The top three countries are India, the USA, and Brazil according to the number of users, including Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, and China are added to these three countries as the countries with the highest number of users on different platforms. Youtube ranks first with 23.2 hours in monthly video usage time. Users spend more time on YouTube than social media platforms. Netflix has 7 hours of monthly video usage and 3.7 hours for Amazon Prime Video.”


Uslu explained the topics in which Turkey stands out in the report as follows: “We are the 5th country in the world that uses the voice search and command system the most. We are in 5th place and above the world average in video game usage. Turkish ranks 4th in terms of the most produced content language on the internet all over the world. In addition, we rank 4th in the use of smart home appliances, after the UK, USA, and Canada. In the list of cities with Facebook user density, Istanbul ranks 7th in the world with 11 million users. In addition to these, the rate of watching TV content from the internet is increasing year by year all over the world. While this rate was 29.5% in 2015, it reached 42.2% in 2020. Turkey is above the world average in the ratio of watching TV content on the internet. While the daily time spent in the game is 1 hour and 12 minutes in the world, this rate is 58 minutes in Turkey. While FPS (First-person shooter) games are the most preferred games played in the age range of 16-55, puzzle-type games are in the first place between the ages of 55-65.

In addition, nearly three-quarters of internet users have been using electronic commerce compared to last year. The money spent in the online food distribution sector, which has reached 1.21 billion people, has reached $136 billion. The areas where the most money is spent in e-commerce in the world: Fashion and beauty $665.6 billion, travel $593.6 billion, toys and hobbies $525.6 billion, electronics $501 billion, food $413 billion, furniture $330 billion. In the comprehensive report, it is possible to reach a wide range of topics, from the world’s most visited sites to the languages of world-wide internet content, from the rate of ad blocker usage to the most popular social media accounts.”

Source: Milliyet / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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