Turkey is among the cheapest in electricity prices

Turkey, which has reduced its foreign dependency with its domestic and renewable energy moves, took the lead in the list of the cheapest countries in the research, which examined the electricity and natural gas prices of 40 countries. Turkey became the 6th cheapest country in electricity consumption in households and the third in natural gas prices. Prices in Europe and Turkey were researched based on data from the European Statistical Office (Eurostat) and Energy Markets Operations Inc. (EPIAS). January-June periods were analyzed.


Accordingly, energy prices, especially in the first 5 months, both the price increase of primary resources (oil, gas, coal) and the increased consumption during the pandemic skyrocketed in Europe, while energy prices in Turkey decreased by 5% in euro terms. In the ranking of industrial and commercial electricity prices among 40 countries, Ireland ranked first with 0.14 euro/kilowatt-hour, excluding taxes, and Turkey was the 32nd country with €0.06 in expensiveness. In the residential subscriber group, Ireland ranked first with €0.22, and Turkey ranked 34th with €0.066. When taxes are included, Denmark ranked first with €0.23, while Turkey ranked 34th with €0.078. In the residential group, Germany is the most expensive country. Turkey is in the 35th place. Bosnia and Herzegovina ranks first with €0.038, while Turkey ranks 37th with €0.016 in the list of industrial and commercial gas prices among 40 countries excluding taxes. In the residential group, Sweden is the most expensive country with €0.073, while Turkey is the 38th cheapest country with €0.016. When taxes are included, Denmark ranked first with €0.06 in industry and commercial gas prices, while Turkey ranked 37th with €0.019. In the residential group, it is the 38th country with the cheapest energy consumption.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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