Turkey: In April the highest export was in chemicals and products

Chemicals and products were the sector that realized the most exports last month. While the sector achieved an export of $3 billion 314 million 414 thousand last month, the automotive industry took the second place with $2 billion 744 million 92 thousand.

According to the data of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), The chemicals and products industry, which achieved an export of $3 billion 314 million 414 thousand last month, was followed by the automotive industry with $2 billion 744 million 92 thousand, and the ready-made clothing and apparel industry with $2 billion 41 million 674 million.

The highest increase in exports in April was in the ship and yacht services sector with 80.9%. In the industrial group, which made up 75.9% of Turkey’s total exports last month, exports amounted to $17 billion 741 million 156 thousand with an increase of 25.5%.

In the aforementioned period, the agricultural group, which made up 11.8% of the total exports, reached $2 billion 765 million 387 thousand with an increase of 17.6%, and $705 million 744 thousand was signed with an increase of 26.6% in the mining group, which took a 3% share from the total export.


The top 3 countries to which Turkish exporters exported the most were Germany with $2 billion, the USA with $1.8 billion and the United Kingdom with $1.2 billion. Looking at exports by country groups, Turkey’s exports to the European Union reached $10 billion. The EU’s share in exports was 42%. When other European countries other than the EU are included, the share of the European continent in April exports was 55%.

In other country groups, $3.9 billion were sold to the Near and Middle East countries, $2.9 billion to the African continent, $2 billion to North America and $1.6 billion to the Far East countries. Exports to Sub-Saharan Africa exceeded $1 billion in a month for the first time.

The top 3 provinces with the highest exports were listed as Istanbul with $9.4 billion, Kocaeli with $1.9 billion, and Izmir with $1.4 billion, respectively.


The unit export value increased by 20% compared to the same period of the previous year and rose to $1.44. On the basis of quantity, exports increased by 4% to 16,2 million tons.

2 thousand 80 companies joined the export family by exporting for the first time. While the new companies exported $123.4 million in April, the number of exporting companies was 48 thousand 938.

According to the declarations filed with Turkish lira, a total of ₺8.7 billion was exported to 162 countries. In April, exports increased by 55% in Turkish lira.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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