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Turkey: Ice-cycling awaits nature lovers at Cildir Lake

Winter has frozen most parts of lake in eastern Ardahan province, bikes await those looking to discover natural beauty

Most parts of Lake Cildir in eastern Turkey have frozen yet again amid harsh winter conditions, which is good news for those who are into outdoor activities, as a local initiative provides an opportunity for ice-cycling on the frozen lake.

Thanks to the district governorship’s assistance, visitors to the natural wonder can rent bicycles adjusted specifically for ice-cycling and make the most of cold winter days.

Atalay Uzunkaya, a business manager at a restaurant by the lake, said the ice was not thick enough for pulling sleighs for the time being, so bicycling was a better activity for those seeking to take a tour around the lake.

“Our region has just begun to freeze so we have not taken horsed-sleighs outside, but bicycles are out as an alternative,” he said, adding that this was yet another fun activity everyone should participate in.

Ahmet Yildiz, one of the visitors, said this was the first time he had ever cycled on mirror-like ice and that he enjoyed every minute on the frozen lake.

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