Turkey: Hazelnut exports reap $2.2B in Sept-July

World’s biggest hazelnut supplier Turkey exports more than 331,000 tons so far this season, up 26% year-on-year

Turkey, the world’s biggest hazelnut supplier, had a bumper crop of revenues, earning $2.2 billion from nut exports between last September and this July, a regional trade group said on Tuesday.

Data from the Black Sea Hazelnut and Products Exporters’ Association showed that the 11 month figure soared 44% year-on-year.

So far this season, which starts in September and ends in August, the volume of hazelnut exports rose 26% on an annual basis to 331,066 tons.

Some 77% of Turkey’s hazelnut exports in this period went to EU countries, with more than 256,000 tons generating $1.7 billion of income during the same period.

Anadolu Agency

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