Turkey: Furniture exports increased by 40% during the pandemic

Saying that Inegol is the capital of furniture, Inegol Chamber of Commerce President Yavuz Uludag said, “After the pandemic, our export figures increased by 40%.”

In the SME Platform program published in A Para, the contribution of the furniture industry to exports, which was active during the pandemic process, was discussed. Yavuz Uludag, the President of Inegol Chamber of Commerce, who was the guest of the program presented by Hande Ozdemir Gul, stated that furniture comes to mind when Inegol is mentioned, and said, “Our city, which makes a significant contribution to the Turkish furniture industry, is the center of the furniture industry in terms of production and employment. After the pandemic process last year, we started 2021 with the increase in export figures. As of now, furniture exports have approached $3 billion. We aim to break the record by raising the target of $4 billion to $4.5 billion at the end of the year.” Emphasizing that Inegol has made a significant contribution to the export figures, Yavuz Uludag said, “We meet 20% of the Turkish furniture industry. This welcome rate is increasing every year.


Noting that Turkey is very advantageous compared to China in terms of geographical location and logistics, Uludag said, “The problems that emerged in China due to the pandemic were reflected in our country as an advantage. Since the pandemic process, we have started to establish many business connections, especially in Europe, Africa and America.”


Saying that SMEs keep the Turkish economy sector alive, Yavuz Uludag said that especially the furniture sector is a growing sector based on SMEs. Uludag said, “Especially SMEs have made a very serious contribution to furniture exports by making a very serious breakthrough. No negative rate has been encountered in any way. This is because SMEs make very serious investments. SMEs are our lifeblood. We take various steps to support them. We think that our SMEs will become large-scale enterprises by diversifying their production more.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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