Turkey: Exports from the Black Sea to China increased by 40% last year

Last year, exports to China increased by 40% from 18 provinces in the Black Sea and reached $218 million 643 thousand 561.

According to the compilation made by the AA correspondent from the data of the Eastern Black Sea Exporters Association (EBSEA), 141,758 tons of exports were made from the Black Sea to China in 2020. An income of $218 million 643 thousand 561 was obtained from the said export.

Exports from the region to the country in question increased by 20.5% in quantity and 40% in value compared to 2019, which earned $156 million 618 thousand 980 in return for 117 thousand 636 tons of products.

Most exported sectors

Last year, exports from 17 sectors were made to China through the Black Sea.

Of the 18 provinces in the region, in 2020, mines and metals, nuts and nut products, iron, and non-ferrous metals were the sectors with the highest exports.

In the period in question, $105 million 643 thousand 730 of mines and metals, $8 million 562 thousand 668 of nuts and nut products, and $46 million 888 thousand 817 of iron and non-ferrous metals were exported.

On the other hand, Kastamonu, Rize, and Trabzon were the 3 provinces with the most exports to China in 2020.

“Export to China increased despite the Covid-19 process”

Saffet Kalyoncu, the Chairman of the Executive Board of EBSEA, said to the AA correspondent that exports to China from the Black Sea last year increased despite the Covid-19 process.

Expressing that they care about the Chinese market in terms of regional exports, Kalyoncu stated that this year, they will work with exporters to improve the export of products produced in the region to the Chinese market.

Kalyoncu pointed out that their expectations from exports are high, “We are hopeful that exports to China will reach much higher points in the coming periods.”

Source: AA / Translated by Bazaar Times Team

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