Turkey exports $128 million 909 thousand of tomatoes in 3 months of 2021

Turkey exported $128 million 909 thousand worth of tomatoes to 45 countries in the January-March period.

Last year, $304 million 513 thousand worth of tomatoes were exported to 56 countries, according to the information compiled by the AA correspondent from the data of Southeastern Anatolia Exporters Union (GAIB).

In the January-March period of last year, $126 million 54 thousand were obtained in return of 156 thousand 682 tons of tomato exports, while 167 thousand 642 tons of tomatoes worth $128 million 909 thousand were sold to 45 countries in the same period of this year.

Russia was again at the top of the top tomato export countries, as it was last year.

Turkey exported $37 million 484 thousand of tomatoes to Russia in the first quarter of this year. Russia was followed by Romania with $21 million 532 thousand and Poland with $11 million 84 thousand.

Expectation that exports to Russia will increase proportionally

The President of the Greenhouse Investors and Producers Association (SERA-BIR) and the President of the GAP Greenhouse Association Muslum Yanmaz said that the increase in tomato exports in the first 3 months despite the epidemic period was pleasing.

Stating that the producers encountered fewer diseases and pests compared to last year, Yanmaz stated that the yield was higher than last year.

Explaining that he believes that tomato exports will rise further until the end of the season, Yanmaz said, “Russia’s increase in the quota for tomato exports from 250 thousand tons to 300 thousand tons is an indication that exports will increase even more. Since the plane crisis, Russia has been applying quotas for tomatoes, which is the most exported product, and it is very pleasing for us to increase this quota to 300 thousand tons. In the upcoming period, we will see that our exports to Russia will increase proportionally. The first 3 months went well for our producers and exporters, I hope the next period will go better.”

Explaining that Russia started to search for different markets after the quota application and got good results in this, Yanmaz said that one of the best indicators of this is Poland’s ranking in 3rd place.

Ibrahim Kilic, who produces tomatoes in the geothermal greenhouses in the Karaali region of Sanliurfa, using soilless agriculture technique, said that the yield is good this year.

Stating that they continue to produce by taking the necessary precautions during the epidemic period, Kilic said, “The tomatoes we produce are in demand both at home and abroad, and this is pleasing us. It is a pleasing situation for the producers to increase the quota of Russia by 50 thousand tons.”

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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