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Turkey exported cherry & sour cherry and tomato the most in the Jan-Sept period

Cherry & sour cherry became the most exported fruit group in Turkey in the first 9 months of the year with $224 million of foreign currency input whereas tomato became the most exported vegetable with a return of $226 million.

According to the data of Mediterranean Exporters Union (AKIB), fresh fruit and vegetable exports in the Jan-Sept period, increased from $1 billion 354 million to $1 billion 690 million 750 thousand compared to the same period last year.

$835 million 539 thousand of fruit, $469 million 166 thousand of vegetables, $373 million 863 thousand of citrus fruits and $12 million 182 thousand of tea were exported in the 9-month period. Cherry & sour cherry provided $224 million of foreign currency input and ranked first in fruit exports. Tomatoes accounted for $226 million of vegetable exports.

Turkey exported $91 million to Germany in the Jan-Sept, most of these exports were cherry & sour cherry. Most tomato exports were to Russia with $51 million of revenue.

“We are now at a level where we can export 10 types of tomatoes.”

Nejdat Sin, President of the Mediterranean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association, stated that there was a significant increase in fresh fruit and vegetable exports in the January-September period compared to the previous period. Referring to the share of cherry & sour cherry and tomato exports in the sector, Sin said:

‘’Turkish fresh fruit vegetables have started to attract attention in other countries. Cherry & sour cherry became the most exported fruits while tomato was the most exported vegetable in the 9-month period. The increase in exports in these products also pleased our sector representatives. We are producing tomatoes in accordance with world standards. We have a wide variety of products in tomatoes. Now we have reached the level of exporting 10 types of tomatoes. We can export tomatoes to every country in the world. Our producer and exporter has the equipment to compete with every country of the world.’’

5 most exported raw fruits in the 9-month period:

ProductJan-Sept Share Percentage
Cherry & sour cherry$223.979.59027%

5 most exported vegetables in the 9-month period:

ProductJan-SeptShare Percentage
Pepper $117.069.26525%

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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