Turkey exported 70,000 tons of cherry since Jan 2020

According to the statement of Aegean Exporters’ Union, 70 thousand tons of cherry valued at 190 million dollars were exported since January 1 2020.

The most cherry export is made to Germany between January 1 and July 13. The other countries also having a great amount of cherry export are ranked as Russia, Australia, Norway, Holland, Italia, Hong Kong, China, Switzerland, Denmark and United Kingdom.

Hayrettin Uçak, the president of Vegetables and Fruits Exporters’ Association, said that cherry export maintained its position compared to last year. He stated:

‘’ Cherry export to China and Hong Kong is increased by 50 percent and valued at 8 million dollars, we expect that our exports to Far East will be much more in the future. We are in a competition with the greatest export markets in the world like Russia, Greece, Iran, Italy, Uzbekistan, Serbia, Romania, Moldova and Spain.

The price of the Turkish cherry remained high compared to other countries due to the increasing cost of logistics; hence there was a stiff competition. Even though we fell behind a little in the beginning of the export season, we are finishing a successful season now. I congratulate all the exporters putting a smile on our consumers and contributing on this record.’’

source: AA / translated by Bazaar Team

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