Turkey exported $2B of carpets in the first 10 months

Salahattin Kaplan the chairman of Turkey Exporters Assembly Carpet Industry Board stated that the industry made $2 billion 57 million 553 thousand of carpet exports in 10 months.

Kaplan, evaluating the agenda of the year in a digital media with Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) Carpet Industry Board members, stated that carpet exports are advancing towards their goals with sure steps despite all the negativities.

Kaplan emphasized that $2 billion 57 million 553 thousand worth of carpets were sold to 174 countries in 10 months of the year. Stating that the carpet business, like almost every other sector, was negatively affected by the pandemic, Kaplan explained that they could compensate the losses in a short time and move towards their year-end targets. He said:

‘’ We do not only work for a few markets as we were in the past years. Turkish carpet manufacturers are involved in world markets now. We have export relations with almost all countries. Of course, we have to protect and develop our existing markets and maintain our presence in these markets. However, we closely follow the smear campaigns about Turkish goods with political decisions, we are looking for alternative ways of entry and markets. We believe these problems will come to an end in the coming period.’’

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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