Turkey exported $ 280 million of tomato in 11 months

According to Aegean Exporters Union data, tomatoes produced in Turkey were exported to 60 countries. Turkey’s tomato exports in 11 months increased from $260 million 300 thousand to $ 280 million, by 7.5 percent compared to the same period last year. Russia, the traditional market for fresh fruit and vegetable exports, ranked first in tomato exports. Tomato exports to this country amounted to $ 56 million. Russia was followed by Romania with $ 44 million and Ukraine with $ 32 million 660 thousand.

Year-end target to exceed $ 300 million

Hayrettin Ucak, chairman of the Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association, stated that with the rising trend of the new type of coronavirus epidemic, which affected the whole world, there was a resurgence in fruit and vegetable exports. Referring to the increase in demand especially for fruit products, Ucak noted that the predominant demand for tomato exports comes from European countries. Stating that the increase in tomato exports also continues, Ucak said:

‘’ Turkey is one of the major tomato producers throughout the world. We are also good at export. We will exceed $ 300 million at the end of the year in tomato exports, which reached $ 280 million in 11 months.

‘’ Quota for Russia should be lifted. ‘’

Expressing that a very large part of the tomatoes produced in Turkey were exported to Russia, Ucak noted that the quota for tomato exports between the two countries continues.

Reminding that the 150 thousand tons of quota applied by Russia on Turkish tomatoes was filled on February 8, Ucak stated that the quota was increased by 50 thousand tons to 200 thousand tons as a result of the work of the ministries of the between two countries. After the quota increase, the first tomatoes from Turkey arrived in Russia on March 7. Ucak said:

‘’ Currently, 198 thousand 739 tons of the 200 thousand-ton quota has been filled. Russia’s demand is increasing during the winter months. Negotiations continue between the two countries. I hope the quota will be removed in a short time.’’

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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